(with Pedro Bessone, Gautam Rao, Frank Schilbach, and Heather Schofield) 

August 2021, Quarterly Journal of Economics

Media: The Guardian, Freakonomics Radio, The Conversation, Econimate, NBER Digest, VoxDev, MIT News

Additional Materials: J-PAL Evaluation Summary

(with Gautam Rao, Susan Redline, Frank Schilbach, and Heather Schofield) 

October 2021, Science

August 2015, Journal of Sports Economics

Media: Hidden Brain (NPR)

Working Papers

(with Elizabeth Bell)

Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Public Economics

Media: World Bank Development Impact Blog

Additional Materials: AEA RCT Pre-Registration, Office of Evaluation Sciences Summary, Embedded Experiment on Transparent Defaults 

Do Optional Information Policies Increase Equity? Evidence From Two Large-Scale Grading Experiments

(with Christine Exley, Raymond Fisman, Judd Kessler, Louis-Pierre Lepage, Xiaomeng Li, Corinne Low, Xiaoyue Shan, and Basit Zafar)

Policy Papers


(with Heather Barry Kappes, Rekha Balu, Nuole Chen, Rebecca Johnson, Jessica Leight, Saad Omer, Mary Steffel, Kris-Stella Trump, David Yokum, Russ Burnett, Elana Safran, and Pompa Debroy) 

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Additional Materials: Summary of OES Vaccine Evaluations

(with Allyson Root, Christopher Connolly, Season Majors, and Hassan Ahmed)

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Additional Materials: Office of Evaluation Science Summary

Working Papers:

(with Russell Burnett, Pompa Debroy, Eugen Dimant, Jean Liu, Elana Safran, Uzaib Saya, and Bill Schultz)

Additional Materials: Office of Evaluation Sciences Summary