(with Elizabeth Bell)

June 2024, Journal of Public Economics

Media: World Bank Development Impact Blog

Additional Materials: AEA RCT Pre-Registration, Office of Evaluation Sciences Summary, Companion Experiment on Transparent Defaults 

(with Pedro Bessone, Gautam Rao, Frank Schilbach, and Heather Schofield) 

August 2021, Quarterly Journal of Economics

Media: The Guardian, Freakonomics Radio, The Conversation, Econimate, NBER Digest, VoxDev, MIT News

Additional Materials: J-PAL Evaluation Summary

(with Gautam Rao, Susan Redline, Frank Schilbach, and Heather Schofield) 

October 2021, Science

August 2015, Journal of Sports Economics

Media: Hidden Brain (NPR)

Working Papers

(with Christine Exley, Raymond Fisman, Judd Kessler, Louis-Pierre Lepage, Xiaomeng Li, Corinne Low, Xiaoyue Shan, and Basit Zafar)

Work in Progress

Evidence Transmission Among Policymakers

(with Mahvish Shaukat and Andreas Stegmann)

Numbers Tell, Words Sell

(with Michael Thaler and Victor Yaneng Wang)

Policy Papers


(with Heather Barry Kappes, Rekha Balu, Nuole Chen, Rebecca Johnson, Jessica Leight, Saad Omer, Mary Steffel, Kris-Stella Trump, David Yokum, Russ Burnett, Elana Safran, and Pompa Debroy) 

September 2023, Behavioral Science and Policy

Additional Materials: Summary of OES Vaccine Evaluations

(with Allyson Root, Christopher Connolly, Season Majors, and Hassan Ahmed)

August 2022, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Additional Materials: Office of Evaluation Science Summary

Working Papers:

(with Russell Burnett, Pompa Debroy, Eugen Dimant, Jean Liu, Elana Safran, Uzaib Saya, and Bill Schultz)

Additional Materials: Office of Evaluation Sciences Summary